I started college life in in the fall of 1978. The college was proud it had a computer. It took up the only air-conditioned room on campus. It had 9 disks and they were the size of record albums (LPs — no one even knows what those are anymore.) You could see the ‘heads’ (similar to a record cartridge needle) slide to the various parts on the disk and read them. The monitors, in another room, were CTRs and the screen displays were black with orange letters. There were no mice, no graphics, no sound or video.  I learned Databus language and then Cobol. I hated Cobol. It stood for Common Business-Oriented Language. We learned from a military guy from the local Air Force Base and he was a jerk. We had ot make a flowchart. My room-mate made one that was 8 pages by 4 pages big, she got a D and the brilliant mind in the room made one that was 1 page by 1 page long and he got an A. She burst into tears. That didn’t go over well with a military teacher in an era when there were very little women in the Air Force and he had NO EXPERIENCE with college-age females. Effort doesn’t count in college — haha. Just understanding the material does. I was mostly in the middle, some understanding but not really getting it. I struggled to make a C+ when I made A’s and high B’s in almost all my other courses. I really enjoyed learning Databus, though, and made tons of programs for the computer.

College life ended when I become seriously ill, then recovered and went to work, and then married and lived a life with 8 kids.

Fast forward to the year 2014. I started Pathway from BYU-I in an effort to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. Survived that. It was scary because most of the other students were younger than the 86 college credits I had accrued. Then I matriculated into BYU-I online in Fall of 2015, just as I was moving into a new home and managing to break my arm and tear my knee meniscus. It has been a crazy few years.

This blog will be my weekly reflection on starting a web business in my Business 250 Online class. We shall see how it goes. Life seems to be going at a MUCH FASTER PACE that I am used to. Along with my other three classes, my homemaking chores, marriage, 8 kids and 12 grandchildren, church callings, garden and all of my farm animals to take care of, I am pretty busy. Oh, and this week I had knee surgery. <sigh> I will just have to do the best I can.